What is Van Racking?

Van racking is the generic name for in vehicle storage systems which help users organise their van increasing efficiency and safety.

Bott van racking is made up of three specific product lines that provide flexible, safe and durable in-vehicle storage;

Each van racking range is designed, manufactured, constructed and fitted with meticulous attention to detail to meet specific customer needs.

Why should you consider using van racking from Bott?

Bott is the world-leading manufacturer of high quality workplace and storage solutions and equipment, exceeding customer expectations by delivering quality products and a consistent high standard of service. We pride ourselves on listening to you and understanding your needs, we’ll work closely with you and your team to develop the specification that’s right for you, making sure that we capture the thoughts and ideas of your whole team. We understand that situations change and timelines alter. Our team work flexibly with you to deliver your projects, and with dedicated account management you’ll be kept up to date on any developments. Our development departments are constantly working on new and innovative solutions, focusing on creating better working environments, efficient working and user safety.

What is the advantage of using van racking?

A tidy, well organised van will impress customers. Van racking saves time (and therefore cost from the bottom line) searching for something that’s needed. Van racking allows for organised storage that helps minimise the amount you may need to store and reduces your vehicle load and saves fuel. You may even find that you don’t need such a large van, saving you yet more money. And you could save up to 5% on your vehicle insurance.

Why is van racking better for health and safety?

Van racks are better for health and safety because they prevent the cuts and scratches associated with searching through unorganised tools and other equipment. Loose tools rolling around in your vehicle can be dangerous or even fatal; professionally fitted vehicle van racking helps create a safer working environment.


What type of racking will be best for me?

Bott supplies different types of van racking. Uno, Vario, and Modulo. They are all tailored to your exact needs, van size and budget.

What is Uno and does it suit me?

Uno is our long life, pure and simple van racking suitable for medium to large commercial vehicles. It’s a robust and affordable alternative to traditional wooden racking made with a durable steel construction and a comprehensive range of accessories. Choose from easy to understand van rack packages for excellent value or tailor make your package by buying individual modules.

What is Vario and is it what I need?

Vario is our advanced in-vehicle storage product line suitable for estate cars and almost all vans. The lightweight van racking is constructed from aluminium, steel and composites to deliver a contemporary and technical style, designed for demanding applications and creating advanced and customised solutions to make every user’s life easier. All the Bott van racking systems benefit from a comprehensive warranty and aftersales support package and are designed to last for two vehicle life cycles.

What is Modulo and is it what I’m looking for?

Modulo is our product line that is built to maximise all available space in small panel vans without disturbing the central loading area. There is a wide selection of flexible, strong and robust storage and van shelving options that can be custom-developed for specific vehicles enabling you to keep running a smaller van, so you benefit from lower buying and running costs and the convenience of a smaller vehicle.

Does Bott fit Van Floors and Linings?

Bott manufactures their own high quality van floors and linings. We have a range of lining from tough and easy to maintain polypropylene to our perfo van lining which allows you to add accessories to your van.

Do Bott fit Van Roof Racks?

Bott can supply and fit a wide range of van roof racks including accessories such as pipe holders.

What other services can Bott deliver for my Van?

Bott offers a complete service from van floors and linings, to racking and roof racks. We also can install electrical and telematics systems and design and fit decals to your van.