Workplace Storage



What is Workplace Storage?

The Bott range of workplace storage equipment delivers flexible, professional workplace storage solutions customised to your requirements, resulting in efficient and effective working environments.

Bott workplace storage is made up of seven specific product lines that provide flexible, safe and durable options for storage;

    Cases & Seating

Each product line is designed, manufactured, constructed and fitted with meticulous attention to detail to meet specific customer needs.

Why should you consider using workplace storage from Bott?

Bott is the world-leading manufacturer of high quality workplace and storage solutions and equipment, exceeding customer expectations by delivering quality products and a consistent high standard of service. We pride ourselves on listening to you and understanding your needs, we’ll work closely with you and your team to develop the specification that’s right for you, making sure that we capture the thoughts and ideas of your whole team.

We understand that situations change and timelines alter. Our team work flexibly with you to deliver your projects, and with dedicated account management you’ll be kept up to date on any developments. Our development departments are constantly working on new and innovative solutions, focusing on creating better working environments, efficient working and user safety.

What is the advantage of using Bott Workplace Storage?

A tidy, well organised workspace will impress potential customers, will improve health and safety therefore, creating a better working environment, and the improvements will ensure speed and efficiency and therefore productivity.

What type of Workplace Storage will be best for me?

Bott supplies different types of workplace storage. They are all tailored to your exact needs, size and budget.

What is Built to Last All About?

At Bott, we've always believed in delivering products which are up to the job and represent a strong long term investment. Our Built to Last philosophy drives every aspect of our business processes. From design, to testing, to manufacture, our processes and culture give us the confidence to stand behind our products As a result of this focus we support All Bott manufactured workshop storage products with a 10 year guarantee.

A Dedicated Internal Design Team

Our in-house designers focus on understanding customer requirements and developing products which deliver useful functionality and stand the test of time in demanding environments. This process ensures we select the right raw materials, design robust products and follow structured production plans to eliminate possible failure modes.

A Rigorous Testing program

From arduous load tests to saltwater spray corrosion testing, we push products to the limit so you can be confident in their performance.

A State of the Art Factory with a Quality Focused Workforce

We've invested in a state of the art factory in Cornwall, utilising the latest CNC technology and lean production techniques guaranteeing efficiency and repeatable high quality. In addition, our long serving team work together to continually improve both products and processes, ensuring a culture of customer focused quality.

To learn more visit out Built to Last Blog

What is Bott Cubio and does it suit me?

Bott Cubio is a comprehensive workplace storage system designed for the most demanding applications. The Cubio range covers drawer cabinets, cupboards, workbenches and mobile storage solutions, and can also be integrated with the Perfo wall storage system. All Bott Cubio products come with a conditional comprehensive warranty to ensure peace of mind. Bott's integrated system design philosophy features throughout the range, allowing products to be combined to create tailored and flexible working solutions. This approach also ensures that workspace can be seamlessly expanded in the future, retaining its integrated appearance and functionality for many years to come. Bott Cubio is designed to stand the test of time, and has been developed to support higher load capacities. Proven quality ensures a long product lifecycle, whilst rigorous testing guarantees long-term durability. A comprehensive range of accessories support the Cubio system, enabling Bott to tailor a solution to suit your needs.

What can the Bott Cubio Range offer me?

Bott Cubio offers a comprehensive range of strong and robust solutions supported by a wide selection of accessories; the ultimate in organised workplace storage for tools, fixings and components with precision manufacturing of high quality materials to take full-capacity loads that ensures a long and trouble-free life.

The range includes drawer cabinets, workbenches, mobile equipment and storage cupboards.

How flexible is the Bott Cubio Range?

Bott Cubio drawers, storage trays, cabinets, workbenches, mobile equipment and storage cupboards have many custom configurations available to suit your individual requirements including a full array of varying sizes, depths, heights, colours and accessories. Options also include worktop panels, island benches and external service cabinets.

Bott Cubio mobile storage products give you the flexibility to safely move tools, equipment, components and even workstations to wherever they’re needed. They incorporate all the quality features from the static cabinet and bench ranges, with heavy duty castors, top trays and quality handles.

A Bott Cubio range of special-purpose cupboards has been developed in response to the refinement of production processes and the increasing complexity of tools and materials. The cupboard housing and internal fittings come together to create a professional, productive, organised workplace storage space.

The Bott Cubio range can also be integrated with the Bott CNC storage system which protects expensive tooling, maximising security for valuable business assets. The system is available in a choice of options including cupboards, trolleys and workbench-mounted systems.

What is Bott Verso and does it suit me?

Bott Verso is a high quality and excellent value product range with proven real-world durability and robust welded construction; Verso is strong and fit for purpose. The range is also modular, enabling you to combine our products to create a fitted solution which can expand as your business grows.

What can the Bott Verso product range offer me?

The Verso range covers all common requirements, with a combination of drawer cabinets, cupboards and workbenches, hazardous storage systems and computer stations. Verso features clean ergonomic design, whilst hard-wearing finishes ensure that the Verso product will deliver a professional image which will withstand the rigours of daily use.

How flexible is the Bott Verso product range?

We know that your requirements are unique, that's why we've developed a wide choice of options allowing us to provide a tailored solution. Bott Verso offers a whole range of accessories allowing solutions to be customised to your requirements all covered with our comprehensive warranty and built to last in challenging real world conditions. With robust construction Verso products feature reinforced welded steel housings, quality locking systems for increased security and a choice of standard options. All layouts can be custom-configured to your individual requirements including optional multiplex (laminated beech ply) or WISA (polypropylene faced, particle-cored) worktop right through to choosing trays featuring vinyl inlaid mats and anti-roll-off formed edges with integral pen tray.

What is the Perfo system and how does it work?

The Perfo system is a simple, adaptable space-saving workplace storage system for tools, small parts and consumables. Ideal for creating an efficient working environment, the Perfo range is often chosen to integrate lean and 5S storage systems within the working environment. The system provides storage solutions via a wide assortment of tool holders and small parts bins, allowing you to create a unique system which maximises use of your space. Perfo products are also covered by our comprehensive ten-year warranty.

Perfo provides a common thread that runs through most Bott product ranges. Innovative Perfo technologies feature as part of the Verso, and Cubio products as well as being included as part of the Bott in-vehicle enhancement product range.

How flexible is the Perfo range?

As with all Bott ranges, Perfo features a wide variety of options enabling you to develop the right solution for your organisation.

The system incorporates wall panels, in-cupboard systems, mobile trolleys and free-standing solutions. In addition the system is integrated with the Bott louvre panels which enable wall mounted storage bins to be part of your solution. Design details such as reinforced mounting points, return flanges and reinforcing strips provide high strength and great rigidity.

Perfo panels have been developed to enable users to mount panels end to end without disturbing hole pitch - this gives an expandable system which can create long runs and maximise your use of space.

Other accessories in the Perfo range include louvre panels, hook-on plastic bins perfect for high-capacity component storage, self-adhesive overlay silhouettes and mobile panel storage allowing tools and components to be effectively distributed around the workplace.

What is Bott’s CNC Workplace Storage System and why might I need it?

The Bott CNC CNC storage system protects expensive tooling, maximising security for valuable business assets. The system is available in a variety of options including cupboards, trolleys and workbench-mounted systems. It fits almost all CNC tool types and comes with our comprehensive warranty. It can be integrated with the Cubio range.

At the heart of the CNC system is a choice of clip-in inserts which securely hold a wide range of tool shank sizes. These inserts are compatible with a very wide selection of storage options, covering desk-based systems, trolleys, cupboards, wall panels and cabinets.

I have an automotive workshop, what do I need?

Bott Automotive Workspace Solutions is a range of products that are designed and built to create the best working environment for your professional tasks. Organisation, cleanliness and efficiency come as standard. There are many factors involved in providing a first-class quality service, and one of the most important is your customers' reliance on your professional expertise.

My need is very specific, how can Bott Automotive Workspace Solutions accommodate me?

This range is designed to work on individual planning and configuration for optimal organisation of your workplace, precisely tailored to your needs with high-quality design and manufacturing techniques that ensure a system which is fit for purpose and will stand the test of time. Integrated systems such as fluid management and waste disposal have been designed to suit the needs of the professional user.

The workshop range includes features such as height-adjustable pull-out shelves, internal drawers, storage for personal effects, waste disposal and recycling units, tool cabinets and drawer mats and divider systems that can be used with cabinets to provide flexible adaptable storage.

If you have an automotive workshop then Bott's onsite evaluation team will visit you, helping to design the optimum working environment for you.

I need to transport tools and other equipment. How can Bott help?

Based on euro pallet dimensions for ease of shipping Bott Toolcases and transport cases are the ideal portable storage solution with exceptional durability.

Bott aluminium transport cases make an ideal mobile storage solution combining light weight with high strength. The boxes are stackable with plastic locating mounts fitted to the top corners of cases and the recessed base prevents water ingress on wet floors and the rubber seal on the lid gives a shower resistant seal.

For convenient storage of tools whilst on the move, a high quality traditional toolchest remains a popular option. The Bott steel toolchest range is available in a wide variety of sizes, and is built to trusted Bott standards of quality and durability with robust steel construction and wrap over shower-resistant lid, hasp and staple clasps which accept padlocks for increased security, double grab handles (on larger models) and a durable hardboard lining to prevent tools damaging the case.

I am looking for robust seating for my workshop, does Bott have a range that might be suitable?

Bott has three different types of seating available. Chairs, Workplace Stools and Workchairs. Bott seating systems have been designed to perform reliably in demanding industrial environments. They feature high quality raw materials and are assembled with care. They make an ideal finishing touch to a modern integrated workspace.

Which Bott seating best suits my needs?

The Bott chair range has been developed around the needs of people in the modern industrial workplace. They have been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. They feature a wide choice of adjustable parts, allowing you to set your chair up for increased support and comfort. Options include stools, and standard chairs, both available in a selection of heights and upholstery finishes. Accessories such as armrests are available as an option.

Bott stools are available in either a static or mobile version; both have gas lift height adjustment and are comfortable and durable with an easy-clean polyurethane seat squab. The stools have stable base with feet or rubber-tyred castors and the mobile model also features removable workplace storage trays.

Both ranges of Bott’s workchairs are supplied with gas lift height adjustment, backrest tilt, height and angle adjustment and a stable five-leg base. High level chairs are supplied with a footrest that is adjustable in height. There are two choices for the seat base, fabric and vinyl.

Fabric models have a cushioned blue seat and backrest, for good all-round comfort. Vinyl models have highly durable, easy-clean, moulded dense foam, ideally situated to general workshop use. It also has a contoured seat and back squabs, increasing comfort whilst retaining high durability and easy-to-clean properties.